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Marketo Theme Free Download

Marketo offers an assortment of starter email templates out of the box, but for those who find these options limiting, we wanted to offer a Marketo theme free download that you can start using today! (Read until the end for the free download.)

What is a Marketo template?

The technical term for an email theme that is re-usable is an “email template.” These templates are stored in Marketo under Design Studio > Email Templates.

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What Marketo starter templates come out-of-the-box?

Marketo’s starter templates cover 5 groups:

  • Basic
  • E-Commerce
  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • Product Announcements
  • Transactional
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Ok, but are they any good?

For our detailed review of Marketo’s starter email templates, click here (coming soon). Spoiler alert: it depends!

Upcraft’s Free Marketo Email Template

If you want something easier and cleaner, we created a powerful free email template that covers a variety of general email use cases. It’s responsive, flexible and built on Upcraft’s robust modular framework.

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