Free Standard Marketo Email Template

Maximize your Marketo investment with this clean starter template. It’s responsive, flexible and built on Upcraft’s robust modular framework.

free marketo email template
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Once you download the HTML source file and paste it into your Marketo instance, you’ll be creating attractive, clean emails that render perfectly in 30+ email clients. For this free Marketo email template, we use the same modular approach to coding as our premium and custom templates which allows for easily cloning, moving, or deleting individual sections.

Here’s how it works

  • Fill out the form on this page.
  • We’ll send you an instant download link.
  • Paste the HTML source code into your Marketo instance
  • Start customizing and sending emails!


We’ll send you an “.html” file that you can open in any text editor. Simply copy the source code and paste it into a new Marketo email template.

This free Marketo email template contains Marketo variables for button color, text link color, background color, as well as top/bottom padding for all modules.

Upcraft is a specialized Marketo web dev agency, and we offer custom email template design and development services. Book a time to chat with us!

Download the Marketo template

Want more modules and flexibility?

Check out our premium master email template for Marketo.

  • 30+ modules
  • Includes white glove branding service
  • Includes white glove install into your Marketo instance
  • Built on Upcraft’s robust modular framework.
  • Clone, move, and delete modules
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Tested in 50+ email clients
screenshot marketo premier email v2 pt1
screenshot marketo premier email v2 pt2