Ridiculous Offer:

Free Marketo Email Template w/ Branding and Installation Service

Let us build and install a custom email template for you, featuring 12 of the most-used, flexible modules from our premium Master template.

The Story Behind this Stupid-Good Offer

If you’re a Marketo user, you’ll find the out-of-the-box email templates to be pretty limiting. That’s why we’re offering to build you a custom-branded, flexible email template for free… and we’ll even install and test it in your Marketo instance for you.

It’s like hiring us for free!

This is ridiculous… we’re basically giving away not just a quality custom template, but the full-service Upcraft treatment. This is a $2000 build for free, featuring 12 of the most-use, flexible modules pulled directly from our premium Master template.

Why are we doing this? We’ve been coding Marketo templates for over a decade, and now we’re setting the Marketo standard. We want EVERYONE to have this template in their Marketo instance. We’re confident that you’ll love working with our team so much that you’ll come back if you have needs in the future.

This is the Marketo “starter” email template you’ve always wanted! Take advantage of this powerful, stupid-good offering today!


Upcraft Free Standard Marketo Email screenshot scaled


  • 12 precisely-coded modules
  • Heavy usage of Marketo modules and variables
  • Built on Upcraft’s robust modular framework
  • Clone, move, and delete modules
  • Fully Responsive
  • 100% Outlook bug-free
  • Tested in 50+ email clients
  • FREE BRANDING SERVICE – Just send us your logo, color hex codes, and webfonts and our expert US-based dev team will do the custom branding treatment within the HTML
  • FREE INSTALLATION SERVICE – provide us Marketo access and our experts will install and test it for you!


How It Works

  • Step 1 – Book a 15-minute kickoff call
  • Step 2 – Send us your branding guide (Logo, Colors, and Fonts)
  • Step 3 – Provide Marketo Design Studio access (e.g. [email protected])
  • Step 4 – Wait 1 to 2 weeks for us to build, install, and test it for you
  • Step 5 – Start using the template!

Want more? If you love this template and liked working with us, please consider upgrading to the 45+ module Master Marketo Email Template!


Get the Template for Free

We’ll send you an email instantly with a link to schedule your kickoff call.

2023_11 Free Marketo Email Template Offer