The #1 Master Marketo Landing Page Template

No more 1-off custom templates or expensive 3rd-party page editors? Upcraft has built “the One” Master LP template with over 15 sections and a best practices approach to fully utilizing all of Marketo’s native template functionality within Design Studio.

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Everything you need in a Marketo master LP template–branded and installed by our experts!

We’ve been custom coding custom Marketo templates for almost a decade now. We felt the time was right to create “The One” template we’ve always dreamed about… taking all our layouts, best practices, and code tricks and compiling them into one flexible Marketo master landing page template.

Here are some landing page types you can build from our framework:

  • Event pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Content Offer pages (e.g. whitepaper/eBook)
  • Thank You pages
  • And much more!…

What is included?

  • One Marketo master landing page template with 15+ modules
  • Bonus: White glove branding setup – simply send us your logo, hex codes, and webfonts and we’ll do the initial brand treatment within the HTML
  • Bonus: White glove implementation – simply provide us Marketo access and we will install and test it for you!
  • Lifetime support to fix any issues with provided code


Amazing Value

Pay the one-time fee, and it’s yours forever

Amazing Support

We stand by our product. We offer lifetime support to fix any issues with the code

White Glove Implementation

Send us your logo, hex codes, and webfonts, and we’ll get it set up at no additional charge

Amazing Flexibility

Use any combination of over 15+ sections. Hide unused sections as needed. Everything you need is in here!

Super Easy to Use

Very minimal coding skill needed… just update a few hex codes and URLs.


If you have custom module/section needs, we can provide pricing for add-ons that are compatible with our master framework.


We are obsessive about testing. We run tests Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera, and a variety of mobile browsers.

If you want to start with a custom design file, go with a custom template build… otherwise, if you’re open to tweaking and adjusting within a flexible framework, our Marketo master landing page template is an amazing value!

15+ years of email coding experience. Best practices. Robust responsive code that looks great in every browser. Amazing support. US-based developers.

We sell a single template/framework that is capable of infinite design styles and themes. Rather than forcing you to choose a starting look and feel, we build everything you need right into our framework. This allows you to add your logo, branding colors, and web fonts. Then optionally, you can adjust button shape and size, font sizes, and other elements like background colors and border elements.

If you want to send us a design file, we’d be happy to quote a custom template build. Otherwise, please send us a branding/style guide for included custom branding service.

We offer lifetime support which covers any bugs on the delivered template file. Otherwise, we charge hourly to help with customized/tampered code.

We will invoice you for ACH or check payment.

Get Pricing Now

We typically respond within 1-2 hours. We’ll give you pricing and tell you how to move forward.