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Marketo Operations and Strategy

When set up correctly, your Marketo instance will drive the long term success of your marketing team. Our Marketo certified experts can help you with:

  • New instance strategy and setup
  • Campaigns migration from previously used platform
  • Marketo instance analysis and audit
  • Campaign strategy
  • CRM and tech stack integrations
  • Database hygiene
  • Velocity scripting
  • Marketo performance reports
  • Integration with website
  • Subscriber preference center strategy and creation
  • Marketo GDPR, CASL, CCPA Compliance
  • Sales and marketing alignment
Marketo Certified Expert
Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

Marketo Design and Template Development

Our services don’t stop with operations, we also offer Marketo design and web development. We’ve been designing and coding in Marketo since it’s inception. A properly designed and coded email and/or landing page is commonly overlooked in marketing automation and plays a huge part in the results of your campaigns.

  • Marketo Responsive Landing Pages
  • Asset migration from previous platform
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom Landing Page Templates

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